You are part of me, I am part of you. We’re not these separate selves.

Our mission is to collaborate with other conscious co-creators, and to help align one another to live our souls purposefully, to dissolve the attachment we have to ideas about who we “should” be, & discover, embrace & expand who we really are. We achieve this through learning & sharing. We are all teachers and we are all students. Collaboration rather than competition. Community. Support, Networking, Professional & Personal Development.

What is a SOULpreneur?

Those with soul, healing or heart-focused intentions.

  • Those who are aiming to awaken consciousness.
  • Who have purity of aspirations or pure intentions to serve humanity.
  • Anyone who follows their heart without needing the approval from the masses.
  • Who wants & acts to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
  • Those who are pursuing something bigger than themselves, something that drives them, those who can no longer work in normal jobs because they have a calling or deep desire to change the world for the better or to live a more meaningful life.
  • Those with goals so big, they are probably unachievable in their own lifetimes but their heart calls them to pursue it anyway.

Some acts of kindness and soul are more obvious to others than ourselves; all acts aligned with our hearts – every action of a positive heart is significant to all of our souls.

My Mission:

My mission is to collaborate with other conscious co-creators, and to help align one another to live our souls purposefully, to dissolve the attachment we have to ideas about who we “should” be, & discover, embrace & expand who we really are.

We are all teachers and we are all students. We achieve conscious co-creating through learning & sharing. This site is designed to connect, grow & expand with other heart-centered people, and the goal is ambitious for all the things I wish to add as it evolves.

Here you meet your tribe (where you are celebrated, not tolerated). Your uniqueness – what makes you, ‘you’ is your gift to us.

Here you will find light and love. Reignite your passion to experience. Help each other evolve, grow, and expand. You are not in this alone. You do create your own reality, you do have your own unique journey. And you are here to co-create with others and help them on their journeys. We are here to help each other. Our purpose is to show up, learn and share – our purpose is to experience and create. We are here to be fully alive.

This community is for people who are part of the raising of consciousness in this world. You will learn how to make the most impact, increase your confidence, create training out of your unique experiences, create a website to help others, get your message to your tribe, and help each other.

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About Penny:

penny butlerI never considered what I did as “important” enough – it wasn’t “deep” or “meaningful” enough – I just couldn’t do it anymore: every minute working on meaningless web-related stuff was an exercise in deep-resistance & suffering.

The universe then turned my life upside down and removed my self-identity. I lost it all – happiness, then health, then business & money, then house, then relationship, and when I was still trying to chant “well it can’t get any worse”… the universe showed me just how much worse that self-fulfilling prophecy can get.

Sometimes we don’t understand the message of suffering. It is a gift, and we have been taught to ‘fear’ it – instead of to ‘love’ and understand and truly embrace it. We don’t need to suffer when we understand what it is teaching us – when we realize that it’s the universe’s way to help us evolve. We are here to experience. The hero’s journey leads us through experiences that help our soul’s grow and expand and evolve.

Without the gift of suffering, I would not of been led on a soul-seeking venture to ask the big questions in life. The “Who are we?” “Why are we here?” “What is our purpose?” “Is there any meaning?” and more. When you start asking the big questions from a place of deep desire to find the answers… truths that were once hidden from you start to reveal themselves. You start to see your experience in a completely new way. You start to shed the mask of what you “tell the world” you are and start to embrace the experience of being you, of being able to create your own reality, of being able to love yourself and all that is. You start to ‘awaken’, become more conscious, live less on ‘auto-pilot’ and more ‘on-purpose’.

Without the gift of suffering and love, you would not be reading these words. This site and many others like it would not exist.

Who you are – the world has never known – your whole experience is the reason why you are here.

Your unique journey – the experiences you have spent time both failing and succeeding at, are your unique gifts to the world.

Life is a group experience, where each person, explores a part of territory, wanders around in it, falls down, learns from it, and then shares that experience with others who are also wandering, discovering and expanding.

Only by learning & sharing in collaboration rather than competition can we all gradually come to understand it and accelerate our growth & expansion and discover the answers to the crisis that our planet and people are facing.