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What is a SOUL-preneur?

You, when you live your truth. A soulpreneur are those with purity of aspirations to help other people & the planet.

You want to be able to help yourself and you want to be able to help others. You want to be able to setup your life to be passionately committed to doing what you love, to being of service to others, and to live in harmony and alignment with your beliefs on a daily basis. It’s about living with integrity and doing the ‘right thing’ rather than the ‘easy thing’. You want to create abundance without losing your values, and you want to make a difference by designing a life around helping others and giving back, supporting causes, touching lives and operating from a higher consciousness.
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How do I contact you?

You can fill in the form to the right if your question isn’t urgent, but the fastest way to contact me is via Facebook as I usually have Facebook open if I’m online. I rarely answer the phone or have it near me, but you can also send a text message if that is more convenient and I will reply when I check my phone (usually once per day but sometimes not until very late so I’ll respond the next day).
International SMS: +61408036323 Local (Australia) SMS: 0408036323

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Facebook login isn't working?

Facebook have recently changed their API again, so we are awaiting a developer update.

How do I send a Shout Out to the Podcast?

I have created a step-by-step page with screenshots for using the voicemail service on the Podcast Voicemail page.
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